The students of the Ji Do Kwan Tae Kwon Do Academy practice a non-competitive martial art that emphasizes practical self-defense techniques and traditional martial arts values and philosophies. While not specifically prohibited from doing so, our students do not train for or participate in tournaments, competitions or other such sporting events.

This Web site was developed primarily for the use of our student members - particularly the ones who have relocated and wish to stay in touch or continue their training with us - to provide current information about our school. It is not our intent to recruit new members or engage other martial artists in dialogue, nor is it our purpose to seek validation or credentialing of any kind from non-affiliated individuals or organizations. Similarly, it is not our purpose to provide services to individuals or organizations who are not our members.

In short, this is a private-use page that, by necessity, appears in the public-use medium of the Web. However, we will respond to anyone who has a sincere and genuine interest in information about our school. We are located in Ohio, we anticipate that inquiries would be limited to those people who already live in our area, or who will be relocating and may be seeking a place to train.



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